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The Regime








Honors of The Regime of Astonia


The awarding of each honor is determined by the Council of Arbiter; and in each case, the level of skill demonstrated by the applicant must be unquestionable.


Zealous: Must demonstrate the ability to kill multiple foes at once. First with two foes, then with three, at least two of which must be of at least justiciar rank. On a separate occasion, he/she must defeat two arbiters at once. Must have attended at least four meetings to attempt.


Blademaster: Able to forge blue and red swords. Must make two blue swords for the loaner pile. Must defeat two people at once while using: single blue and then again with Florentine blues or with a single red sword. Your enemies may weapons of their choosing.

Spearmaster: Able to forge polearms with stabbing tips. Must make one polearm for loaner pile. Must defeat two people, whom do not have shields, at once. At least one of these must be wielding a weapon no shorter than 5 feet in total length. Then, must defeat one arbiter who is wielding a shield. Lastly, must defeat two opponents, each of which is wielding weapons of at least 5 feet of total length.


Bowmaster: Able to make arrows. Must defeat one archer in single combat with no other weapons. Then, must defeat two fighters, with no shields, in combat. Finally, you must defeat two other archers in combat. You are allowed to have no weapons other than your bow during this trial.


Valiant: Provide a javelin and a dagger for the loaner pile. Must defeat three challengers fighting one another with no armor and each armed only with a single javelin and dagger. Atleast one of these must hold the Valiant honor or be deemed worthy be the First Arbiter.


Clothier: Must make three loaner tunics and one heralding tunic. Must be capable of making the following, and have made the following: Robes, Hoods, Pants, and Tunics.





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Armorer: Must be capable of making the following, and must have made each: Bracers, Pauldrons, Cuirasse, Greaves.


Herald: Must have your own heralding tunic. Must serve as herald for many practices and at least one event. Must pass a brief test on dagorhir rules.


Guardsman: Must own a shield which you have made. Must prove oneself as a guardsman for an archer on several different accounts. Must act as a shieldsman for an archer during at least one event.


Avenger: Must have attended six meetings before attempting. Must express righteous fury at the loss of comrades in battle, spurred on to greater glory by their loss. This is no easy role to fulfill, for the Avenger must be well known for seeking, and sometimes succeeding in obtaining, retribution for the fallen. Slay thy enemies and most especially slay those who fell thy friends!


Champion: Master of arms and the field, the champion is a terror to his enemies. Must be of at least Justiciar rank to attempt. Must hold at least two of the following honors: Blademaster, Spearmaster, Bowmaster, and at least one of the following: Valiant, Zealous, Avenger. Must have attended at least one event and must have accomplished one feat truly worthy of glory. (to be determined by the Council of Arbiters.)