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The Regime








Our Mission


                                           There was a time when several celestial entities peered

                               down unto the Earth and saw a great darkness spreading. This

                               vile corruption threatened to consume all the good in the world,

                               and so the angels were much angered. Their fury grew and with

                               their growing wrath they fell to the Earth in a shower of light,

                               casting aside the darkness and spreading it to the farthest corners

                               of their new lands. As they surveyed the evil which desecrated

                               and tormented the good men and women that dwelled in the lands

                               they vowed to destroy all evil.


                                           As angels of light and good, it was their sacred task to

                               defeat all evil. This holy war had lasted for eons, and would

                               continue for eons more. Yet now, these holy warriors sought to

                               fight for the vindication of the fallen. To protect the remaining

                              good and punish the wicked in the name of those whom had fallen.


                                           Gathering with them other blessed warriors of good, the

                               angels began their holy annihilation of evil.




Our Lands





Our Ranks





Our Warriors





Our Memories





Our Doorways