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The Regime








Our Ranks


The Zealot


            The zealots are those who’s fiery zeal has only recently brought them to join the

          glorious quest of The Regime of Astonia. These warriors, while fervent in their

          desire to vanquish evil, have yet to prove themselves nor to attain great honor.

Requirements: Must attend three meetings and go through the Gauntlet Initiation


The Justiciar


              The Justiciar are those of the second rank within The Regime of Astonia. These

           warriors have not only proven themselves worthy vanquishers of the dark but have

           shown the insight truly worthy of a judge of the Regime. Go forth, worthy Justiciar;

           and with our blessing ye shall judge the wicked.

Requirements: Must attend at least four meetings after Initiation before Zealot can begin to prove himself. Must achieve one honor and then must defeat two Justiciar at once. Then, the Zealot must prove his ability to charge with great zeal. Finally, the Zealot must go through the Rite of Cleansing


The Arbiter


              Arbiter is the highest rank and honor that can be earned within The Regime. The

           Arbiters are the true hand and voice of The Regime. The council of Arbiters make all

           Decisions jointly, being presided over by the First Arbiter. The true judges and

           executioners of The Regime, these warriors shall purge even the strongest of evils.

Requirements: Must have attended at least one national event. Must have been a member for at least six months. Must achieve four honors. Must defeat one arbiter while armed with naught but a short sword. Must pass the test of Strength. Finally, the Justiciar must go through the Rite of Ascension.


First Arbiter

              The First Arbiter is the elected head of the Council of Arbiters. He is the voice and commander of The



Advancement within The Regime of Astonia is based upon many things, including a series of Honors which may be acquired by members. These honors can be found here: Honors of The Regime



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